ENZOL Research

Some of our competent research areas...

Pharmaceutical Industry

Logistic & Supply Chain Management

Tourism & Hospitality Industry

Energy Sector

Social Science

We are capable of doing researches in variety of areas with experts in each field. All our research areas can be narrowed down to four major categories, namely Business, Social, Environmental & Technical. Researches carried out in following three phases and depend on customer’s requirements we are ready to customize the project. 

Data Collection

Data collection is the process of gathering and measuring qualitative or quantitative information on variables of interest. We use newest effective tools and technologies to provide standard and custom data collection solutions to meet our clients’ objectives. When it come to human related researches, we combine online and mobile survey technologies in innovative ways to provide timely, accurate, reliable and cost-effective data while ensuring high ethical standards. 

Data Processing & Analysis

In a research, most challenging part is the data processing and analysis.  Once the data is collected, it is important to convert data in to usable and desired form. We are equipped with the full range of data interrogation software packages and our data processing team is well experienced in data Cleansing, transforming, tabulation, analysis, information extraction and pattern recognitions. 

Data Interpretation/ Documentation

If you decide to chose ENZOL, you do not want a separate party to interpret the research outcomes. Along with the research, we study about your company, its vison and objectives and we will do our best to relate our research outcomes to your business purposes. We always give extra effort to enhance the level of clarity of research reports that any body can understand it easy.