ENZOL Energy Management Solutions

It is true that we can neither create nor destroy energy, still can manage it. Nevertheless, it is essential to optimize the energy usage through energy efficient products and processes, while promoting environmental friendly energy sources. We as ENZOL team, ready to guide you to achieve objectives in sustainable energy management through; Energy Auditing, Renewable Energy Solutions 
, Research and Development.

Energy Auditing

Improving energy efficiency and managing energy demand of large scale energy consuming places (factories, institutes, departments and etc.) through a systematic analysis of energy flow and finally giving recommendations for implementing series of measures and financially viable investments is the core behind the ENZOL’s Energy Auditing service. 

Engineering Consultancy Services

ENZOL offers consultancy services in a wide range of fields including;
• Architectural & building design services
• MEP services (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing)
• Renewable energy implementation
• Testing and commissioning
• Safety audits

Renewable energy Solutions

With the introduction of the net metering concept to Sri Lanka in 2010 and net accounting and net plus methods in 2016 Renewable energy has become a booming industry in the country. 

Our Services:

Feasibility Study – Our experts can help clients determine the feasibility of a renewable system (solar, wind, mini-hydro & biomass) for their facility. This includes on-site observations of the building and surrounding property, as well as conceptual site plans, preliminary layouts, and economic analyses for the proposed RE system. We  will estimate the expected production from the proposed system. Furthermore, we will do both Environmental & Social impact assessments and provide relevant documents and reports to get the approvals from authorities. 

Geotechnical Investigation – This investigation includes geotechnical analysis of subsurface conditions and a recommendation for the appropriate type of foundation for the proposed RE systems.

Financial Analysis and Modeling – We will do an independent, impartial and realistic financial evaluation for your project to determine the viability of the project. Client can use the performance indicators to compare the project with other projects and make the investment decisions. 

Preparation of tender documents, contractor agreements and other necessary documents – Usually RE projects are long term projects with high capital investments. Therefore project scope, procedures, responsibilities, deliverables, penalties, payment methods should be clearly documented and should get consensus from all the the involved parties.